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Need a significant cash boost?

If your business needs a significant cash boost, then refinancing your business assets could be an ideal option.  Very simply, refinancing assets is a great way for business owners to unlock valuable cash from assets already owned by the company.

For a company with strong capital assets, it’s a great way to generate cash.  The money borrowed is secured against the value of assets in the business balance sheet.   This effectively releases cash tied up in capital assets which  allows business owners to purchase new equipment or take on new opportunities.

The good news is that refinancing suits companies of all sizes.  And it’s cost effective –  you can spread the repayments over a period of time.

Whether it’s a company car, or plant and equipment, refinancing can be a great way for a business to generate a significant amount of cash.   It is often used as part of a financing package alongside invoice finance, to fund mergers and acquisitions.

Many business owners don’t realise that they can refinance their existing assets.  But refinancing could be the perfect alternative way for SME’s to  generate working capital and boost business cash flow.