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Invoice Finance is positively good news

I met a man at a yoga class about 10 years ago.  He stood out –  not because  he was the only male in the class,  but because he always wore a bright yellow tee-shirt with the slogan “Happiness is a positive cashflow….”

Working as an Invoice Finance specialist, and listening to SME owners talking about their cash flow headaches, I thought this was a great slogan.   Anyway, I got chatting to him one day and asked him if I could borrow his tee-shirt  ….explaining to him that I help business owners who are looking to improve  their cash flow ….I’m not sure what happened to the tee-shirt….but I haven’t seen him since, and the tee-shirt is probably still sitting in a drawer somewhere, ten years on….

For many company owners,  juggling the cash flow is  a daily  challenge.    A simple, but often overlooked solution may be Invoice Discounting  –  which helps maximise a company’s cash flow.   By leveraging the debtors ledger, it enables business owners to manage and predict the working capital needs of their business  – and alleviate unnecessary cash flow pressures.

So while that tee-shirt  has long faded the slogan is more relevant than ever….Happiness is a positive cash flow.