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Asset Finance is an efficient way of financing the purchase of new equipment and machinery, while keeping your cashflow intact.

Instead of making one payment for equipment, which can be expensive, Asset Finance allows you to spread the cost of these new assets over time, so it’s more affordable.

With Asset Finance, you can see immediate benefits, as the new equipment can start making money for your company right away.

You can also use Asset Finance to refinance existing assets, and free up valuable cash for you to invest in your business.

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How does Asset Finance work?

Asset Finance allows you to buy assets without the need for a large cash outlay upfront. You get the use and benefit from the asset immediately, while you pay for it over an agreed time – this can take a huge weight off your cashflow.

What type of assets can I finance?

This is widely used to fund a wide range of business assets including vehicles, plant and equipment, shop fit-outs, and office equipment. In addition, you can fund IT systems, telecoms, CCTV, AV equipment or LED technology as well as catering equipment and a lot more.

Which Asset Finance solution is right for your business?

Leasing gives a business the full use and benefits of the asset for a monthly fee. However, the business does not have ownership of the asset. At the end of the primary rental term, the business has the option to return the equipment or use it through a secondary rental agreement.

Hire Purchase enables a business to buy assets by spreading the cost of the asset over an agreed timeframe. At the end of the term, you have the option to purchase the asset for a small fee.

Asset Refinance allows a business to release cash tied up in unencumbered assets. The business simply sells the asset to the funder and then leases it back, paying a monthly fee. At the end of the term, there is a nominal ‘purchase fee’.

What are the benefits of Asset Finance?

  • Maximise your cash flow. You don’t have to have a cash outlay – by using Asset Finance you free up working capital while getting the benefit of the asset.
  • Protects against depreciation. You can upgrade assets to protect against obsolescence and minimise repair and maintenance costs.
  • Manage your cash. You can spread the cost of Asset Finance, so you can better manage your cash, predict outgoings and drive growth.

What’s the next step?

Clancy Business Finance will help you get the asset finance your business needs, in a fast and efficient manner. We’ll ensure you get the best asset finance solution to suit your exact needs, at the best rates.

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