SBCI  Loans for SMEs

These days, many business owners are availing of the low cost SBCI business loans to finance their business.  Funded by the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI), these flexible terms loans are very much in demand.  The loans are suitable for a wide range of purposes such as working capital and business expansion.   A big attraction is that the SBCI guarantees up to 80% of loan value, so the loans are usually available without the need for any security.  We’ve a strong track record in helping businesses secure SBCI loans and below is a summary of the more popular SBCI loans that are available through a variety of lenders.

Future Growth Loan Scheme:

  • Loan value €25K – €3M
  • 7-10 year term
  • max 3.5% interest pa
  • Unsecured loans up to €500K

Covid-19 Credit Guarantee Loan:

  • Loans value €25K – €1M
  • 3mth – 5.5 year term
  • 2.%+ interest pa
  • Unsecured Loans available
Which loan is right for my business?

Future Growth Loan –  this loan is designed to funds business growth and expansion.  It can be used for a wide range of purposes including:

  • Investment in plant
  • people
  • property & upgrades
  • IT & technology
  • systems & processes
  • R&D, innovation

Covid-19 Credit Guarantee Scheme Loan –  this loan is designed to fund businesses impacted by Covid19. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • Working capital and liquidity
  • Investment in plant/business innovation
  • Refinancing Covid19 related debt
What’s the next step?

If you’re interested in applying for an SBCI loan, it makes sense to talk to us first.  Over the last few years, we’ve secured SBCI loans for many SMEs for a wide variety of reasons including property purchase, working capital, R&D and plant and equipment purchases, to mention a few.  We have indepth knowledge of these SBCI loans, and the lending application process.  Because we know exactly what the lenders are looking for,  we can structure the funding applications to ensure a successful outcome.   With our key Bank contacts, we can make expediate your funding application and help you secure a fast loan approval, so you can get on with driving your business forward.

If you would like more information or want to have a confidential chat, call us on 01 438 6462 or email or request a callback.