SBCI  Loans for SMEs

The Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI) offers a wide range of low cost loans to SMEs.  These loans are suitable for a wide range of purposes and loan term from 3 – 10 years.   These loans are guaranteed by the SBCI (up to 80% of loan value) and these flexible loans can be repaid early without penalty. Below is an outline of the more popular loans that are available from SBCI through on-lenders, the Irish Pillar Banks.

Future Growth Loan Scheme:

  • Loans of between €30K and €3M
  • 8-10 year term
  • max 3.5% interest pa
  • Unsecured loans up to €500K

Covid-19 Working Capital Loan:

  • Loans of between €25K – €1.5M
  • 1-3 year term
  • max 4% interest pa
  • Unsecured Loans up to €500K

Credit Guarantee Scheme:

  • Loans from €25K – €1.5M
  • Up to 7 year term
  • max 5% interest pa
Which type is right for me?
  • Future Growth Loan –  funds business growth, investment and  expansion
  • Covid-19 Working Capital Loan –  funds working capital and innovation for Covid-19
  • Credit Guarantee Scheme–funding for growth and working capital if outside Bank criteria.
What’s the next step?

We have vast experience arranging SBCI loans for SMEs, and we can help you  secure your SBCI loan  loan  quickly and with minimal hassle.   With our expertise, we know exactly what the lenders are looking for, so we can structure your loan application properly for the funders.   With our key Bank contacts, we can make sure your loan application lands on the right desk, and fast track your application.  Working together, we can get you fast loan approval, so you can get on with your business plans.