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Brexit Funding Options

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union has bought many challenges for businesses – and many opportunities. If you’ve set up a business in Ireland or the UK to manage Brexit, we can help you with your funding requirements, and much more. To discuss our Brexit funding options, contact us today.

We have extensive contacts on both sides of the water. What’s more, we have vast experience working in the UK and Ireland – having set up the business in the UK in 1996 and relocated to Ireland over 15 years ago. We can help you find the right business funding solution, whatever your needs, so you can navigate the post-Brexit business environment, with the proper support your business needs.

Brexit Funding Options

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At Clancy Business Finance, as well as helping you with your business finance needs, we can offer you a whole lot more. We have long-established relationships with key contacts in the Banks, as well as alternative lenders, accountants and solicitors in both Ireland and the UK, and, if needed, you can rely on us to introduce you to a host of trusted professionals, who can support you and help your business thrive.

Why not call me today for a confidential chat about your business plans and post brexit funding options and requirements. Simply call us on 01 438 6462 or email or request a callback.

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