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Working capital options for SMEs

Your guide to Invoice Finance There’s a growing trend towards alternative working capital products such as Invoice Finance, as SME’s continue to face challenges trying to access capital for growth  One of the great benefits of these flexible funding products is they are a lot more accessible for SME’s than traditional bank funding, and they […]

Late payments giving you sleepless nights? Invoice Finance can help you rest easy

Late payments giving you sleepless nights? Invoice Finance can help you rest easy Late payments are having a huge impact on Irish businesses, affecting cashflow, credit ratings and even threatening employment. A recent survey by Sage Ireland found that nearly two-thirds of Irish SMEs were affected by late payments. Late payments can have a very detrimental effect […]

“I didn’t know Invoice Discounting even existed!”

This may surprise you, but many Irish business owners have little or no idea of the alternative sources of working capital finance available in Ireland. They are unaware of such products as Invoice Discounting and Factoring. It certainly surprises me, especially in today’s economic environment where, for the past few years, businesses have found it […]

Thinking about Invoice Discounting? Key areas to consider…..

Choosing an Invoice Finance provider – what to consider: For some business owners, using Invoice Finance can be one of the best decisions they make. However choosing the right funder partner can be difficult. Many of the funders seem to offer similar products and they all promise the best rates.  But like any industry, the players […]

Invoice Discounting and Factoring – what’s the difference?

I’ve talked to lots of people who are confused about Invoice Discounting and Factoring, and many think they are the same product. Well, they’re not. Let me explain. Invoice Finance is an umbrella term to describe a number of products including Invoice Discounting and Factoring. It’s also often referred to as debtor finance or receivables […]